Sustainable Integrated Medicine In Africa

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Earn 5 CE credits from BDDTN-Ontario and 10 CE credits from CNPBC-British Columbia for Naturopathic Doctors volunteering with FIMAFRICA

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Through FIMAFRICA, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal created the opportunity for us as naturopathic medical students to develop our case-receiving, diagnostic and prescribing skills. We developed a deeper understanding of naturopathic and international health issues specific to this region of Kenya as we experienced the interplay of medical service work and local lifestyles. Along with partner organizations, we had the opportunity to co-manage patients with serious health conditions, including malaria, brucellosis, cellulitis, anthrax and pneumonia, who would otherwise have gone uncared for. We will return to Canada with an enriched perspective and appreciation for the joys and challenges of rural Kenyan culture and lifestyle. FIMA offers a unique experience for medical practitioners and invaluable benefits to the local communities it serves. Through FIMAFRICA we were able to support the health of underserved populations in rural Kenya. We strongly believe that FIMAFRICA is worthy of consideration for sustained funding in order to continue the unique work being accomplished through this project.
Elizabeth Cherevaty ND(Cand), Laura Vanderaa ND(Cand)
(Students of CCNM)
FIMAFRICA Volunteers August 2009


New Sponsors

The Ultimate Travel Company (UTC), luxury travel company, sponsors FIMAFRICA's mobile clinic for 2011 and the homeopathic education for student from Il Polei village. Please read more under "Being a Donor".

DARTUA corporation Researches, Manufactures and Sells Luxurius Skin and Body care products that are certified organic, cold processed with natural preservative. "Dar`Tua’s general philosophy is to help, support and guide the less fortunate people and communities of our global village in order to improve their quality-of-life. DARTUA Corporation is uniquely structured and has in place innovative Business Standards, exclusive policies, terms of reference, Code of Conducts and Code of Ethics
We produly support the wonderful non profit foundation FIMAFRICA, with its integrated-medicine, mobile-clinic in Africa" -MS. DARIA KATIC, CEO FOR DARTUA

FIMAFRICA Mission Statement:

FIMAFRICA – Foundation for Integrated Medicine in Africa, is a registered Canadian charity delivering integrated medical services to remote and impoverished communities living in Northern Kenya. We provide mobile clinical services to deliver integrated medicine, using homeopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, diet, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and other integrative holistic methods to improve integrated health care in these remote areas for communities that receive minimal medical care. We treat people regardless of race, religion, political views or sex.

FIMAFRICA is geared towards creating self-sustainability by having our volunteers work closely with African doctors and health workers in existing health facilities. In this way, there is a transfer of medical knowledge that is left in the hands of the local people. FIMAFRICA aims to help the medical practices in these communities shift towards becoming more integrated and holistic in nature, while respecting boundaries, cultures and existing medical practices.

FIMAFRICA provides a setting where health practitioners of conventional, naturopathic and holistic fields can volunteer and combine their skills in integrated medicine. This program uniquely improves the clinical knowledge of numerous doctors, since doctors join from all over the world to help communities desperately in need of medical services in remote areas of northern Kenya.

FIMAFRICA has also developed a unique personal growth program for health practitioners volunteering with us. Using Gestalt psychotherapy, the volunteers undergo unique personal growth exercises to improve their counselling skills towards patients. This powerful tool helps improve the emotional support patients receive while undergoing treatment. Health care is improved overall since emotional wellbeing is an important part of a patient’s wellbeing. Patients need and appreciate emotional support, and FIMAFRICA’s personal growth program helps health practitioners become better at meeting these emotional needs.

How FIMAFRICA is different from existing organizations

We are geared towards training local health workers to take on the task of continuing the health care projects, so self sustainability is maximized.

FIMAFRICA often works with existing clinics so as not to recreate services/facilities, nor do we waste valuable funding on recreating existing resources. This also means that existing facilities that hire local people are not competed with, but added to value instead.

We promote the joining of natural medicine practitioners and conventional medicine practitioners.

By training and using existing facilities/organizations, our work reaches further, and continuity is more certain as we add to the strength of existing resources.

We are really about sharing, because we know that you can't lose by helping others.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Doctors who are trained in Naturopathic Medicine understand the benefits of this gentle, yet profound method of healing. Naturopathic doctors study the human body and are fully trained in physical and clinical diagnosis, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, obstetrics, paediatrics, and follow scientific models of medicine and research. On top of this knowledge, they treat using holistic methods of health such as homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, diet, nutrition, botanical medicine and lifestyle counselling. This extensive approach allows us to incorporate science, energetic healing, nature and natural laws to understand how to heal the body in a more comprehensive way. They treat the whole person and help find the root cause of disease, instead of suppressing symptoms and illness that may be revealing an underlying diseases manifesting in the body. Naturopathic medicines stimulate the body’s own ability to heal and help treat the underlying cause of disease.  By addressing health in this manner, a patient’s recovery can be more long term, less expensive in the long run, there are less side effects, and patients are brought towards a healthier and stronger vitality. Naturopathic doctors believe strongly in preventative medicine and look to cure many diseases by understanding how the human body, nutrition, emotions, and energy meridians interplay towards either sustaining health or allowing the body to become more susceptible to disease. This knowledge will help us to address global health in a more comprehensive way.

Integrated Health Care Makes Sense

Health is defined by World Health Organization as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". An approach to complete health incorporates regular medicine, naturopathic medicine, as well as other traditional methods of healing, and will benefit a community living with traditional knowledge and limited resources.

How You Benefit others with FIMAFRICA

· Communities with limited or no medical care receive health care and medicines from FIMAFRICA doctors.
· FIMAFRICA will teach local health care workers skills in integrated holistic medicine, and use mobile clinics to sustain these health care initiatives on a continuous basis.
· Foreign doctors who volunteer with FIMAFRICA improve their clinical experience when treating a wider range of tropical diseases. They also bring new knowledge to treat diseases that have been a burden on African communities so far. By working in the field with FIMAFRICA, they also become better doctors for their own community.
· Medical doctors from around the world will work alongside holistic doctors and also learn integrated medicine while serving poor communities. This means that around the world we will begin to have better doctors who have a more comprehensive knowledge of holistic and integrated medicine. Everyone will then have access to some form of integrated medicine.

Gifts and Donations

We need your help to start more health care projects. Your donations go directly towards the projects, and are not used to pay any salaries. With enough funding, we do hope to be able to pay for a naturopathic doctor to remain in country for 1 whole year (see cost for keeping doctor below in donations list). Your donations go to helping rural communities get better health care, and also support the work of doctors from around the world, since doctors from around the world volunteer with us. You will be helping your own community to have doctors who have learned integrated medicine through us. We are appreciating the following gifts from your kindness.
How You Can Help
How You Can Help
medicines, homeopathics, acupuncuture needles and medical equipment
fuel for the clinic vehicle to bring doctors to remote villages.
homeopathic and naturopathic books.
fund naturopathic doctors and students to come help out and learn.
If you can make a donation, kindly give online through the secure paypal link, or please send us a cheque to the Canadian address.

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Foundation for Integrated Medicine in Africa (FIMAFRICA)
Foundation for Integrated Medicine in Africa(FIMAFRICA)
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